Letter from the President

letterLet me tell you what I like about our company.

I like that the company is a direct expression of who I am and what my vision is. I’ve been working here since I was eight-years-old. My father took this company as far as he could, but his vision stopped short as he grew older while mine took off with the joy of experience, new technological possibilities, and the opportunities of global economics.

I realized from the start that in order to make All State successful I had to focus on two key areas. Service for my customers and respect for my employees.

Everyone talks about service. How can a company claim to give better service? At All State we back up the claim with a specific checklist of areas we are responsible for every day. This list is the hallmark of our SSP or Sensational Service Package. It is the internal means of following through with external results that exceed the expectations of our customers.

I’ve worked with many vendors over the years and I see what works and what doesn’t work. I know who is going to deliver on a promise and who is going to feed me a line. But most of all I know how to transfer what I expect into what I offer my customers.

I have a vision for my company and it depends on the vision for your company. That’s why we treat every customer as if they are important to our future.

And of course. They are.


Patrick Minyard