About us

 mold-finishingFor over 30 years, All-State has been capitalizing on key decisions that have shaped the history of our company. Our investment into leading new technologies began in 1992. This is one of the most crucial decisions we’ve made, it opened the door to greater efficiencies and greater throughput. Through these technologies we have learned to be more valuable to our customers. Along the way we diversified our customer base and improved our engineering flexibility to meet the great demands of emerging markets.

Our decision to purchase new molding machines, tool room machinery and auxiliary equipment and the willingness to grow ahead of customer demands. We jumped on the latest digital breakthroughs to insure more accurate costs and tracking for our customers. And where required, we have built our own equipment to fully automate some of our molding jobs.

And, in the interest of efficiency and serving our customers, we have changed designs, where necessary. These moves and decisions over the last 20 years have dramatically improved the quality we offer as well as the production output. Today the family tradition has been secured with fresh, new management, still in the family, armed with expanded visions of what may yet be.