Welcome To All-State Plastics

All-State Plastics specializes in injection molding, mold making, and machining. But our real expertise is providing unparalleled service to our customers:

  • Seamless communications throughout the process
  • Easy access to the production team
  • Timely reports
  • Flexiblilty
  • Confidence building

This is all part of All-State’s SSP. Sensational service package. We firmly believe that our team is the best and most highly-motivated because from the highest levels of management to the experts on the line, we are service-minded, service-oriented, and service-driven. All-State’s SSP begins with superb engineering and the ability to not only hear what you want, but to really listen for what you need. From the outset, your project goes through a thorough engineering stream to determine the best course of production step by step. Every step of the way.